I think this one is pretty obvious.  I use Technics 1200 turntables, alongside a Rane Seventy-Two mixer.  Additionally, I supply sound with QSC speakers, K152 and K8 or Evolve EV30’s.  The speakers can be used both hardwired or wireless, depending on the venue.  Additionally, I supply a wireless Sennheiser microphone. All of this is tied together using Serato DJ Pro on a MacBook Pro.


I think this is really what sets the good from the bad in the wedding world.  As the DJ, it’s your job to ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time with the right music ready.  At events, I am like the butler in Mr. Deeds; I just show up everywhere.  I make sure mom is there for the parent dance, the plate is ready for the cake cut and everyone knows the wedding hashtag.  Check the reviews, that’s the difference-maker.


At nearly every event it’s imperative to have lighting of some sort.  The dance floor lighting includes two Chauvet wash lights, which basically bounce a  tidal wave of color across the room.  In addition to that, I use a Chauvet intimidator to add some shapes and movement to the mix.  It breaks up the wash lights and keeps moving on the ceiling or dance floor, which helps attract folks to the centerpiece of the evening.


While it looks great online, because no one would post a bad picture, you have to use this sparingly.  Keep in mind that you chose your venue because you liked how it looked.  A few too many uprights and you can go from classy wedding to the Usher “Yeah” video, so be sure you know what you want with this.


Similar to the uplighting, it really depends on your venue.  It definitely looks great with your names or initials tossed up on the wall or dance floor, but be sure it fits your venue.

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