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It all goes back to a fateful day when I needed a DJ for a party at my college fraternity. After having a DJ at a few social events, I decided ‘I could do this’. Prior to making the jump, I was always the one to set the playlists for road trips or parties, so it seemed like a seamless transition to do it for a larger crowd.

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Since childhood, I always enjoyed listening to music, finding the latest songs, and even making my own cassette and CD mixes, appropriately titled “Cool Songs”. Music was a big aspect of my upbringing. Whether it was listening to Motown and Big Band with my grandmother or my mom’s taste in 3WS Rock music or better yet, my cousin’s influence with Hip Hop and R&B; music was always a huge part of everyday life.

During my tenure at Westminster College, I started off with a few bar gigs, as well as social events for sororities and fraternities. However, when I returned to Pittsburgh, business started booming. Nearly every weekend of my life, I was playing somewhere for some event. I ran the gauntlet in the coming years from anniversaries to birthdays, basically any event I could that folks were willing to pay me to play music.

Tony DJ

After years of bar gigs, most prominently having been the resident DJ at Finn McCools and the Claddagh Irish Pub, I decided to make the jump to weddings. At the time, I had started to get invited to a several weddings and it seemed that the DJs weren’t understanding the magnitude of their job that day. A lot of DJs were trying to be the center attention when the core of the event should be the couple who got married. In some cases, they weren’t mixing songs to keep the party going and really weren’t even paying attention to the crowd and how guests were reacting to the songs they were playing. I felt as if the DJ just packed their car, drove to the event, and did whatever they wanted without consideration of the couple or the guests. I decided I needed to put my cape on and save couples from bad DJ’s.

Since 2006, I have averaged around 30 weddings a year and put my entire focus on the couple to personalize the event as much as I possibly can. I rely on the crowd reaction to ensure the party continues to provide an enjoyable atmosphere without lulls of poor transitions, zero mixing, an emcee on the microphone all evening and being unprepared.

Tony DJ

I do my absolute best to meet with the couple and correspond with them as often as possible to get a really good idea of who they are and what they enjoy. Moreover, I provide an extensive array of documents and forms for the couple to prepare me for the event. I ensure that we have an organized timeline including all aspects of the event and provide agendas to every vendor to guarantee everyone is on the same page and is able to do their job that day. Basically I set couples up to the point where all they need to do is show up and say ‘I do’, the rest is on me.

If you made it through all of this and say to yourself, that’s the kind of guy I want DJing my wedding, head over to the contact page and let’s discuss your big day.

Thanks for checking me out!

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