Let’s go back, way back into time.  It’s been quite the journey over the last decade and a half.  Originally this all started with me trying to book a party for my fraternity.  After a few parties and social gatherings, I decided I would try my hand at DJing.

Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed listening to music and picking out songs for myself, as well as the crowd (family and friends).  As a child, I made my own mixtapes, which I so creatively dubbed “Cool Songs”.  I loved just about any kind of music, but more so the reaction people would get from hearing it.  My grandmother loved Sinatra and even claims to have served dinner to the Platters.  My mom was always a big classic rock, Beatles type girl herself; although Bruno Mars is making his way to the top lately.  And of course, my cousin’s influence of hip hop and R&B.  Oh, I can’t forget some of my own, Jack Johnson and Zac Brown Band, too.

Fast forward to my senior year at Westminster College, I was doing social events for sororities and fraternities; even a couple of small bar gigs.  However, when I returned home business picked up.  I found myself in all kinds of bars in Pittsburgh.  Over the coming years, I would run the gauntlet of events, including anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and just about any other event that folks needed music.

I never really wanted to get into weddings, but I noticed that you saw a lot of the same DJ’s and they were kind of just human jukeboxes.  I’m talking DJs that couldn’t mix, they would talk all night or dance with the crowd, say the wrong names, play games with everyone or just having no clue at all about what was going on.  I said to myself, I think this is something I can do, and having gone through all of these other events, DJing 2-3 times a week, I think this might just work out.

So since 2006, I’ve been doing anywhere from 20-40 weddings a year.  I feel like I really rely on the experience I’ve gathered over the years and reading the crowd.  I know that the same songs or set of music doesn’t work for every crowd, so you can’t treat every wedding the same.  I like to tell brides and grooms, just say “I Do” and show up; I will handle the rest.

Over my tenure, I have been the resident DJ at venues like Finn McCools and Claddagh Irish Pub, both in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

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Thanks for checking me out!
– Tony

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